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24 October 2014

23 Children and Young People took part in a fundraising event which involved staying awake for 12 hours over night. Everyone successfully completed it and so far we have raised over 500.

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Community Cash Jackpot

Young carers in Norwich are looking forward to some summer festival fun thanks to 1,000 from Sport Relief Community Cash.

The charity Connects and co supports youngsters who look after their loved ones, giving them a chance to relax with people their own age and escape their worries for a few precious hours a month.

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One mother's vision grows to help hundreds of young carers

Half a dozen youngsters, crisps and a video in the living room - that was Sallie Boyd's vision when she decided her children needed a break from the pressures of being young carers.

Fourteen years on, Connects and Co has helped more than 500 families, transformed thousands of lives and turned into a career for its founder.

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Flying the flag for carers
Let's Talk - August 2010

There are tens of thousands of them across East Anglia, men, women and children who devote their lives to helping others. They are often treated like second-class citizens but now one of the most popular actors plans to give them a voice. Derek James talks to Lynda Bellingham.

Most of us standing in the middle of Norwich watching a group of boys and girls putting on a dance routine had one thing in common - and that also includes YOU.

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Alert over care Crisis
Eastern Daily Press - Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thousands of carers are being forced into a lifetime of isolation and loneliness as an increasing number of people 'give up everything' to look after a loved one. A shocking new report released to mark Carer's Week revealed that three-quarters of the people looking after ill, frail or disabled people do not have a life outside their caring role.

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Youngsters are top role models
Eastern Daily Press - Monday November 23, 2009

Youngsters who have cared for their relatives, help clear war memorials and joined a lifesaving lifeboat crew were among those honoured at an awards ceremony yesterday. The outstanding role models were celebrated at the May Gurney Young People of the Year Awards.

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Outstanding youngsters get community's thanks
Norwich Evening News - Monday, November 23, 2009

Youngsters from around the county, who bring prinde to their community, have been honoured in a special awards ceremony.

Yesterday, 14 young finalists took to the stage for the May Gurney Young people of the Year awards, which recognise and reward young role models.

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Young carer is so inspired by Romania
Norwich Evening News - Monday, October 29, 2007

Young carer Connie Emes-Ellis, from New Catton, has been to Romania where she helped in a children's home. She is now determined to return.

A young carer who touched Evening News readers' hearts by looking after sick and disabled members of her family has fulfilled her dream of travelling to Eastern Europe to help at a children's home.

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A special bit for the younger carers.
Young Carers Magazine 2007

I come to Connects and Co because I look after my nanny. She is very deaf and cannot hear without two hearing aids and has a very sore leg. In the morning I take my nanny's hearing aids and glasses to her and act as her alarm clock.

I enjoy Connects 2 because we play pool and air hockey. We also listen to music and have tuck. I used to go to the Connects Kids until I was eight years old. Now I am older I have become a mini-cadet so I can go and help with the younger carers. I like to help!

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Hi! I'm Liam
Young Carers Magazine 2006

I first went to Connects & Co. five years ago and I felt that it was a very big help for me to have a break from home. When I first joined Connects, I was really young for my age and I was really cheeky to the leaders. I didn't really care what I said to people, I just wanted to get a reaction. I didn't really understand what it meant to be part of a team, so I didn't take much noticed of what anyone else wanted me to do. Now it's really different, I feel I have developed as a person. I'm a Cadet now, which means I have been chosen by the leaders to be part of a team that gives support to the younger members.

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Coping with school
Young Carers Magazine 2005

Faith's story
My name is Faith and I'm 11.

Sometimes it is very hard to keep my emotions in when I'm having situations at home, but luckily my teacher, Miss Setterfield, is as caring as anyone could want their teacher to be. If you ever have the chance to talk to a person like my teacher about your problems at home, I suggest you take that chance and find out if you could be as lucky as me.

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Young People of the Year

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Hi, my name is Connie, I'm 15 and a young carer
Young Carers Magazine 2003

I would like to welcome you to this edition of Young Carers Magazine that will hopefully explain to you who we are, what our lives are like and help you understand more about us.

It is important for people to understand the situations we face on a daily basis, so you can support us wherever possible.

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Dear Young Carers
Words and Pictures from young carers in North Norfolk

I look after my sister Bertie 13. Who has Down Syndrome. I look after her in the mornings by seeing if she is okay and if she needs any help. I also help around the house by doing some dusting and unpacking some shopping.

I feel quite happy because I need to help my family. I help Bertie to play because she doesn't know how to play. I remind and make sure she cleans her teeth.

Class Act

Connects & Co. started a drop-in for Young Carers in September 2003. This group meets on Friday lunchtime once every two weeks at Sprowston High School.

What is it like to have a drop-in session at school?

Adam: The school group is good. Life can be stressful from Monday to Thursday, the group helps me get things off my chest. It's good to meet with other people who are at school in similar situations to me. It's good to chat and chill and just be together.

Caring for the carers
Christian Herald 20 June 2002

This weekend will see the word's biggest gathering of young carers at a festival organised jointly by YMCA Fairthorn Manor and the Children's Society. SANDIE RIDGLEY meets a family attending the national event.

At the age of four. Sallie Boyd cared for her younger brother - born with a hole in his heart - the latter nursed her mother during cancer. The early lesson in caring was to be the Launchpad for a thriving ministry offering support to youngsters who look after ailing family members.

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Caring for the young carers
Evening News, Wednesday June 5, 2002

For many Norfolk youngsters, the pressures of growing up can be intolerable - not least when you're forced to sacrifice your childhood and lead a distinctly adult life as CLAIRE WALKER reports.

The array of family photos is the kind you would find in any home across Norfolk. But behind the smiles lies a harsh reality that family life in this house in New Catton is demanding, unpredictable and at times incredibly tough - especially for two of it's number

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Brother and sister who truly give it all
Eastern daily press, Saturday June 30, 2001

The family photos of Connie as a toddler with her two new brothers and sister, paint a picture of a role that has become second nature to the young teenager.

From the age of two, through first and middle schools and now high school, she has matured and cared for first two of the triplets and now two younger siblings.

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A life less ordinary
Life & Style

Suffering from ME and a mother-of-six children, some of whom have special needs, day-to-day life is anything but plain sailing for Sallie Boyd. Now her dream is to offer a vital lifeline to young carers in Norwich seems to be flourishing. This remarkable woman told her story to Claire Walker.

"I am so proud of my kids, they're the most amazing bunch of youngsters you could meet."

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Youngsters who lose childhood
Eastern Daily Press

At home, they cook, clean, they care for the sick, the disabled and suffering. They put themselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to attention.

These are not self-sacrificing mothers, but hundreds of young children around Norfolk some even of primary school age - who are young carers.

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