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Hi, Iím Sallie, Project Manager. Iím the founder of Connects & Co. I was a Young Carer for my brother and Mum, as well as having children who were carers.

I would like to introduce you to my wonderful team:


Our Project Workers bring specific skills and talents to the team.

Connie organises the groups for Norwich and also helps out with the Dereham project. This means that she is responsible for making sure that everything happens around groups and outings for the Norwich area. She also supports the Cadets and provides training. She is a former Young Carer and one of our first clients. Cadets were founded from her volunteering.

Connects & Co
Oli Oli is the allocated Cadet Leader and has the same kind of role as Connie but for the Dereham area. Oli is also involved with iconnect for our Young Adult Carers. Like Connie, Oli is former young carer but also received care himself. He understands what support Young Carers and Young Adult Carers need.

Even some of our Trustees get involved in our activities and group work.


Phil Phil is a regular face. A former emergency offshore trainer for Petans Limited and a retired fire fighter and crew manager for Norfolk Fire Service, supports us by providing First Aid training for our groups and also is a minibus driver. When we go camping or do residentials heís your man, especially when it comes to canoeing.
nikki Nikki Supports our Norwich groups. She is a former Young Carer who we used to support so she knows the ropes. Having a background of working with children, she is great at rounding us all up for new games and activities.



John John, our resident hippy, is our longest standing volunteer. He keeps us chilled and hangs out with us all and offers drum and bass skills as well as art and crafts workshops.
Alex Alex is one of our main Minibus Drivers. He supports Sallie and Phil so they get a break.
James B. A former Young Carer who inspired us to include Young Volunteers as part of our team. He supports our Norwich groups.
Carmen. Is a personal fitness trainer and fashion designer and is very creative around Arts 'n Crafts Formerly worked in schools supporting children with special needs.
Kierra Kierra and Katie. Run our newest Young Adult Carer Parent Group. They both bring their own knowledge and experiences of being an Young Adult Carer as well as being a mummy themselves.

We also have a group of Young Volunteers who have stayed with us from being supported by us as Young Carers. There is Ashton, Sam, Faith, Honor, Amy and Josh. They underpin what we do because, they have all the energy! And most of them are still Carers!

Sam Faith Honor Amy

Cadets/Mini Cadets

Although these guys are Young Carers that we are currently supporting, they volunteer their time to support younger carers.

They are like big brothers and sisters. They help us run all our sessions from running the tuck shop to escorting on the minibuses as well as coming alongside youngsters who are new and feeling shy/nervous.

They are the voice that feeds back to us what our Young Carers want and need. They support both the Norwich and Dereham groups.


A BIG THANK YOU TO: Volunteers who give their time and to all of our funders!

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