‘I like the festival because it helps us have some freedom. The best bit about the festival is making new friends and having fun!!!’

‘The festival is the only day when I am not a carer and it is a nice break. Fave bit disco and opening ceremony.’ By Sarah

‘My favourite part of the festival was dancing with the rest of the group at the silent disco. I like YCF because I don’t have to worry about anything-it’s an escape from stress. I also enjoy spending time with the others.’

‘There were loads of activities (and freebies). It gives me time to have fun and relax. My favourite thing is I got a teddy (free) and doing dodgers with others.’

‘At the festival I enjoyed the disco and rides. I also enjoyed meeting others in a similar situation. I think that the festival is good because it gives young carers a chance to meet new people and have a break from caring for a few days. I also enjoyed the karaoke.’ Enya

‘My favourite bit about the Young Carers Festival 2019 was going into the Voice Zone and recording a video that might help other young carers. YCF is important to me because it gives me a break from the stress at home and it’s a chance for me to be myself rather than the girl whose mum died or the girl who cares for her step sister.’

‘The stunt guys, silent disco and spending time with friends. YCF means a lot to me because I can let it all out and be myself.’

‘My favourite part of the festival was Graham and the silent disco, as Graham has been super positive all weekend, helping the carers through the day and being an awesome guy. The disco was incredible as it gave me a chance to let loose and unwind. YCF is important to me because it gives me a mini break from most daily struggles and chores.’

‘My favourite thing about YCF 2019 was the fairground rides and the silent disco and hungry hippos game. I like the festival because I barely ever get to go to activities so it is fun to get to have fun with friends. YCF lets me talk to people I wouldn’t have talked to before and I get a break from home.’

‘My favourite part of the festival was making new friends and seeing everyone happy. It made me feel more confident because I have never done this kind of thing before.’

‘The best part of the festival was the crate challenge. We got up to 10 crates. And the stunt guys.’