Meet the Team


  Hi, I’m Sallie, Project Manager. I’m the founder of Connects & Co. I was a Young Carer for my brother and Mum, as well as having children who were carers. I would like to introduce you to my wonderful team:
Kev is our Administrator.




Phil Phil is our Office Manager


Our project workers, assistant project workers and volunteers help run our groups in Norwich and Dereham.



Alex and Dan drive for Connects as and when we need transport and often stay on to provide additional support for group sessions.


Cadets/Mini Cadets – Although these guys are Young Carers that we are currently supporting, they volunteer their time to support younger carers.

They are like big brothers and sisters. They help us run all our sessions from running the tuck shop to escorting on the minibuses as well as coming alongside youngsters who are new and feeling shy/nervous. They are the voice that feeds back to us what our Young Carers want and need. They support both the Norwich and Dereham groups.

A BIG THANK YOU TO: Volunteers who give their time and expertise, and to all of our funders!