Groups & Activities

Connects & Co Groups

Norwich and Dereham

Each young carer group runs on a Monday or a Tuesday.

To join, a young person needs to meet our eligibility guidelines.


Connect Kids
Age range: 5-7 years

Gives opportunities for these younger children to play and ‘be children’.


Age range: 8-11 years

Connect2 provides a range of exciting and fun things to do for children.


Connect Club
Age range: 12- up to 19 years

Connect club aims to provide help, support and activities for young people during one of the most challenging periods of their life’s.


Connect Cadets
A group of young people from Connect Club (aged 14+) who volunteer their time to work alongside other children in the younger groups.


Age range: 18-25 years.

This group aims to encourage social opportunities, build new relationships and help young adults to make important life choices for their future such as further education, employment or a full time caring role.


Young Adult Carers Parent Group
Age range: 18-25 years.

Young Adults who are parents themselves but still care for a family member and continue to need support themselves.