Connect Cadets

Connects & Co - Cadets

Connect Cadets was formed in around September 2001, when some of the older members of Connect Club naturally took on a caring role for the new youngsters joining Connect2.

This group runs within the other groups with the Cadets ranging from 14 years and up.

The Cadets work closely with the Leaders in all areas of running the groups. They form part of the planning and fundraising committees bringing a wealth of life experience to everything they are involved in. They support both Norwich and Dereham groups.

Because so many young carers miss out on chunks of their education, the Cadets scheme is careful to pick up on their achievements. This is done by the Cadets completing modules which build into a written portfolio. This can be given to a prospective employer as a record of achievement as a voluntary worker. The modules include, planning and running a session, tuck shop management and administrative tasks. These exercise personal development, interpersonal and communication skills.

For more information about this group please contact our Norwich office.